Sumaira Hameed is a writer who tells great stories. She knows how to create characters and tales that people love to read. Her writing shows she understands people’s feelings and has a unique way of telling stories.

Yaram Novel Summary

In the captivating novel Yaram, we follow a young girl’s journey to a British university, where she crosses paths with a Muslim boy holding British nationality. Both carrying scars from past heartaches, they find solace in each other’s company and a bond begins to flourish. Their love story is one of resilience and devotion, as they promise to navigate life’s challenges together. Against the backdrop of a foreign land, Yaram showcases the universal language of the heart, revealing how love can heal wounds and bridge differences, ultimately leading to a profound and unexpected connection.

Yaram Novel Read Online

Here you can download yaram novel in pdf and read online. You can also read famous Urdu Novel Sulphite by Noor Rajput.