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Uraan is a socio-romantic Urdu drama written by Umera Ahmad. A TV channel (Geo) in Pakistan turned the story into a TV show with the same name.

Story / Summary:

The story is about many characters, but the most important ones are Jawad and Sawera. Jawad’s parents propose that Sawera should marry Jawad. However, Sawera refuses and doesn’t want to marry him. This causes a lot of problems and difficulties between them and their families.

The drama is exciting and keeps the reader interested from start to finish. It leaves a strong impression on the reader after they finish it. If you like Urdu dramas with a mix of social and romantic elements, this one is for you.

It is a story in which the psychological layers of human beings are described in a very coherent way. Some people never learn, and that’s what happens in real life. The painful truth about human psychology.

The author of this novel is Umera Ahmad, and she is known for showing different social and cultural parts of our society from a special point of view. She is one of the most widely read and praised Urdu novelists. She writes in a very clear and perfect way, with a straightforward style. Some of her famous books are Amar Bail, Kankar, Qaid-e-Tanhai. On this website, you can explore All Umera Ahmad Novels.

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