Noor e Man Novel is another remarkable Novel written by Wahiba Fatima. Wahiba Fatima is a well-known Pakistani author and novelist. She is recognized for her contributions to Urdu literature, particularly in the genre of fiction and romance novels. Her novels often incorporate elements of spirituality, mystery, and social issues. Wahiba Fatima’s work has gained a significant following among Urdu readers, especially young adults.

Noor e Maan Novel

Yaman immediately followed back. But Anura’s condition did not become normal, but now with her face, she started screaming loudly, beating her hands and feet on the bed like crazy. “Someone save me. Mama. Mama.” He was hearing her name from Anura’s mouth for the first time.

“Anura, what happened to you, you are fine, nothing is happening to you, everything is fine, I am not doing anything, open your eyes, I was just teasing you.” Holding Anura’s hand, he nervously said that Anura’s condition was very serious. “Uncle is touching the bed. Mama. Papa. Please save me.” “Anura.”

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