Naqsh e Milaal is another remarkable novel by Wahiba Fatima. Wahiba Fatima is a famous author from Pakistan who writes stories in Urdu. Many people like her stories because they’re interesting and talk about love, mysteries, and things that happen in society. She’s really good at showing how people feel and how they deal with their problems.

Naqsh e Milaal Summary

Timur, you should not, because of this you tolerate me. Obviously you can’t leave your heir. What is your race? What about a woman? I will be available at home … “

She immediately grabbed Jaish Jahangir’s collar. Jaish watched him silently. On the first day Jaish had seen this form of her when he had picked her up. At that time he had seen a brave harem and today once again she was standing in front of him like a flame.

The shadow of your head is not a road mark that wanders from place to place. I am the king who does not like to give the status of a slave to anyone except his queen. He wrapped his arms around her neck and kissed her on the cheek.

Naqsh e Milaal Read Online

Here you can download Naqsh e Milaal by wahiba Fatima and Read online. You can also read one of the most famous novel by Wahiba Fatima which is Dark Love Saga Novel.