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Namal, a blockbuster novel by the well-known Urdu writer Nimra Ahmed, became a sensation. First appearing in Khawateen Digest in 2014, it later got its own book version by Ilm-o-Irfan Publishers in 2017. It’s a must-read!

Novel’s Story / summary:

The name ”Namal” comes from a chapter in the Quran, meaning ”Ants.” This novel, penned by Nimrah Ahmed, touches on various social issues but mainly revolves around a murder case. Inspired by the real-life events involving the murders of Shahzaib Khan and Kamran Faisal, the story unfolds with Faris Ghazi as the central character.

Faris Ghazi, an intelligence officer, finds himself accused of murdering his step-brother, wife, and attempting to harm Zumar Yusuf. Despite the charges, his nephew firmly believes in his innocence and sets out to prove it. The narrative takes a gripping turn when Faris is released from prison, marking the beginning of a tale filled with murder and revenge.

The characters, particularly Hashim, Faris Ghazi, Zumar Yusuf, and Saadi Yusuf, leave a lasting impression. The novel skillfully weaves in references from Surah An-Naml, offering a unique blend of fiction and the teachings found in this chapter of the Quran. As the story unfolds, readers are taken on a journey that intricately combines the events of Surah An-Naml with the complexities of real-life incidents.

In essence, Nimrah Ahmed’s Namal is not just a murder mystery; it’s a tale of redemption, faith, and the intertwining of Quranic wisdom with the challenges of everyday life. The characters’ depth and the seamless integration of Surah An-Naml’s insights make this novel a compelling and thought-provoking read.

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In short, Nimra Ahmed’s Namal novel is really well-written and tells a great story. The interesting plot, strong characters, and important themes have made it a favorite for many readers. Namal teaches us about human nature and the desire for redemption. As you read Namal, you go on a journey full of excitement, feelings, and self-discovery, making it a special book in Urdu literature.