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Mutthi Bhar Mitti (مٹھی بھر مٹی) is a novel written by the renowned female novelist Umera Ahmad, and it revolves around the migration between Pakistan and India. The story sheds light on the challenges and sacrifices made by our earlier generations, showcasing moments related to Pakistan’s struggle for freedom. In 2008, a television channel produced a telefilm with the same name, based on this narrative.

Novel’s Story / Summary:

The novel’s plot revolves around the time of Pakistan’s independence. Mubarak Ali strongly supports the Congress League and dislikes the politics of the Muslim League. He thinks the idea of a separate nation for Muslims in India is a joke.

On the flip side, his son Muzaffar is a young and patriotic individual who firmly believes in the Muslim League’s vision and looks up to its leader, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. It’s a significant historical story that highlights the sacrifices of our past heroes. If you’re a history enthusiast, you should definitely read this.

The author of this novel is Umera Ahmad, and she is known for showing different social and cultural parts of our society from a special point of view. She is one of the most widely read and praised Urdu novelists. She writes in a very clear and perfect way, with a straightforward style. Some of her famous books are Chand se Pehle, Hum kahan ka sachy thay, and Ghar or ghata. On this website, you can explore All Umera Ahmad Novels.

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A Pak-India Migration based story that informs us of the hardships and the sacrifices given by our previous generations. I hope that you will like this novel. If you have an interest in such kinds of novels, please visit this website for more.