Areej Shah is a talented contemporary Pakistani author known for her emotive storytelling. Mohabbat Bhi Ek Sitam Hai Jana is a novel by Areej Shah that delves into the complexities of love.

Mohabbat Bhi Ek Sitam Hai Jana Novel Summary

The story revolves around two protagonists, Zain and Hania, who come from different backgrounds but are bound by an intense love. Their journey is marked by challenges, misunderstandings, and societal pressures that test their relationship.

As they navigate family expectations and personal struggles, their love is put to the ultimate test. The novel explores themes of sacrifice, resilience, and the bittersweet nature of love.

It takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster as Zain and Hania strive to overcome obstacles and find happiness together, highlighting the harsh realities and beautiful moments that love can bring.

Mohabbat Bhi Ek Sitam Hai Jana Read Online

Here you can download mohabbat bhi ek sitam hai jana novel by Areej Shah and read online. You can also read Mera Sitamgar novel by Areej Shah.