Khuwab aur Khushbo Novel is another remarkable novel by Wahiba Fatima. In the heart of Wahiba Fatima’s novel is a tender love story that touches many hearts.

Waniya, a bright university student, always felt a special bond with Shafan, her father’s close friend. As she grew older, these feelings deepened into love. The memory of her father, who had left her alone in this world, was kept alive through Shafan’s caring presence. Shafan, with his wisdom and kind nature, was a renowned psychiatrist who had touched many lives with his work.

Waniya, with her innocent beauty, often dreamed of a future with Shafan. She remembered the times they spent together during her childhood and cherished those memories.

However, there’s a twist to this tale. Shafan’s heart belongs to another – Maya. Maya and Shafan share a deep bond and are soon to be wed. This revelation brings a storm of emotions for Waniya, who struggles with her feelings and the reality she faces.

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