Ghar Aur Ghata Novel is an interesting and fun story about the small troubles we see in our community, but it tells them in a funny and light way. The book talks about Amma Bakhte and her daughter-in-law, Rafiya. These two are always getting into little arguments, and because of this, they sometimes end up spending money they didn’t need to.

Their stories are not just funny, but also give a peek into everyday life in families, showing how little disagreements can turn into silly dramas. The book is a great read for anyone who enjoys stories about families, their small issues, and the laughter that comes from understanding each other.

The captivating storyline will keep the readers engrossed until the last page. Are you keen about social Urdu tales? This is a superb selection for you like it.

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Ghar Aur Ghata Novel Read Online

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