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Novel’s Story / Summary:

Ek Lafz Ishq Novel is a beautiful love story written by Areej Shah. At the heart of this book are two people, Ayat and Salar. Their story is all about the ups and downs of love, and the feelings they have for each other.

But that’s not all! There are also two other important characters: Ashir and Seerat. Their stories add more excitement and drama to the book.

This isn’t just a regular love story. It’s full of emotions, surprises, and heartwarming moments. As you read, you’ll get to know and care about the characters. You’ll feel happy when they’re happy, and sad when they’re sad.

The best part? The ending of the book is very romantic! It’ll make you smile and feel good inside.

If you enjoy reading about love and friendship, then “Ek Lafz Ishq” is perfect for you. This book will make you love reading even more! So, if you’re looking for a simple and sweet story to enjoy, pick up this book and dive into the world of Ayat, Salar, Ashir, and Seerat.

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