Umera Ahmad is the author of Baat Umar Bhar Ki Hai Novel. It is a short novel published in a monthly digest. It describes a social and romantic story that explains the feelings and emotions of a human about love.

Baat Umar Bhar ki hai novel is a story of Sumbal and Momina, a daughter and mother in relation. The story moves around both of them who have same problem but different personalities. Momina spent his life in inferior. Momina is like an monstrous duck in a family full of beauty. Her whole life has been spent in extreme inferiority complex and her personality is inadequately affected by her low tone- confidence which gives unconditional freedom to the people around her to abuse and insult him.

On the other hand, Sumbal, is a perfect illustration of tone-confidence, intellect and intelligence. She inherited her mom’s physical characteristics but she dealt with every problem she faces and that is why she lives with quality and tone-respect.

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