Wahiba Fatima is a Pakistani author who has captured the hearts of readers with her charming storytelling. Her novels are characterized by their interesting characters. Wahiba’s writing often explores the human relationships, social issues, and personal growth.

Aatish E Ishq Novel Summary

Atash Ishq Novel is a story a boy who want to take revenge from a girl who harm his respect to give him a slap in front of all university. This boy now want to destroy girl life and kidnaped her. How our own anger become to be our biggest regret. We made very wrong decision while we are angry and want to take revenge.

Devil want this and how we won’t get the time back in which we commit sins. This novel is story of a boy who take revenge and satisfied his ego. But his own action make him a biggest life endless regret for him. This novel is very interesting love story by wahiba fatima Atash ishq you can read this novel now. You can also read novels of famous novelist at our website.

Aatish E Ishq Novel Read Online

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